Community Transformation Concentration

The Community Transformation Program aims to train Christian men and women to have a positive and holistic impact on the communities in which they serve. The program is a 3-year diploma in Bible and Theology with a Concentration in Community Transformation.  It is a rigorous academic program which also includes training in response to HIV/AIDS.

Students will be well equipped for employment in government, NGO, or private sector institutions, for self-employment through entrepreneurial activities, for church-based holistic ministries, or for further academic studies.  Students will be well-grounded in Bible, Theology, Ministry, and Development courses.  They will put their learning into practice through weekly practical ministries, hands-on projects, and a final practical attachment. 

All material is presented from a distinctively Christian worldview perspective.  We believe that as students love God and love their neighbors and seek God's kingdom they will have a transforming effect on their communities, their nation, and their world.


                                                         Moffat Dairy Project                                AIDS Awareness Teaching in Primary Schools                   Agriculture & Creation Care Training

Academic Program

Spiritual Formation

Old Testament Survey

Christian Education

Intro to Psychology

English 1 - Grammar & Vocab

Study & Library Skills

Theology of God

Evangelism & Discipleship

New Testament Survey

English 2 - Academic Writing

Research Methods

Intro to Community Development


Greek 1

Gospel of John

Computer Studies

Participatory Capacity Building

Community Based Organizations


Hermeneutics (Interpretation)

Global Church History

Intro to Missions

Understanding HIV/AIDS

Finance Management (Accounting)

Gender & Human Sexuality

Homiletics 1 (Preaching)

Children's Ministry

Pnesumatology (Holy Spirit)

Teaching Behavior Change (AIDS Awareness)

Project Management


Homiletics 2 (Preaching)

Ecclesiology ( Doctrine of the Church)


Biblical Issues in HIV/AIDS

Economics of Development

Agriculture and Creation Care


Soteriology (Doctrine of Salvation)

Christian Marriage & Family

Pastoral Epistles

Youth Ministry

Statistics for Development

Community Transformation


I & II Corinthians

Biblical Leadership & Management

Spiritual Warfare

Final Project (part 1)

Social Research Methods

Current Ethical Issues in Africa

Conflict Management (elective)

Acts (elective)

Social Transformation & Advocacy

Practical Attachment and Final Project